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LSAvto PRO: an opportunity to take part in testing for distributors of auto brands in the markets of China and India is open

Earlier, Logic Stars Group announced its readiness to enter new markets - China and India. Currently, the LSAvto PRO software solution has been adapted to work in the new conditions, has been tested within the company and is ready for use in real conditions. For distributors of auto brands operating in the markets of China and India, as well as heavy and commercial vehicles, the opportunity to use the new functionality of LSAvto PRO as part of an Early Access or Beta Testing program is open.

“For us, it is extremely important not only to comply with the standards of the country with which we work, but also the convenience of the program, its support and many other factors. That is why we invite businesses to interact on favorable terms. Early access is not only an opportunity to test a software solution with many years of experience, but also to get the highest quality implementation with support, important improvements in the segment on favorable terms,” comments Natalia Peryazeva, CEO of Logic Stars Group.

The number of beta testers is limited. If you want to try out LSAvto PRO as part of the Early Access program, then join us.

The LSAvto PRO Early Access program introduces users to the new version of the product. As part of the beta testing, you can try out new features, make sure that the functionality fully meets the needs of the business, and   talk about your wishes.

The Logic Stars Group company is a developer of software solutions LSAvto PRO  for automation of the business processes of distribution and retail of the auto business.

LSAvto PRO is software for distributors of auto brands, including trucks and special vehicles. Software that will help in building a dealer network according to clear criteria and will become the center of interaction between the distributor and the dealer. LSAvto PRO combines services and tools for automating the entire spectrum of car sales and maintenance.
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