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LSAvto PRO/DMS is used daily by distributors, dealers and car showrooms in Russia, Armenia and Georgia.

The program complies with the requirements of automakers and the legislation of the Russian Federation.
proven solutions for auto business industry
years in the auto business
unique users
Today it is important for companies to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. We offer our customers domestic software that works even under restrictions.

• Complies with the laws of distribution countries and adapts to any regional conditions (documentation, business process features, support for national languages).

• Integration with the platforms necessary for work.

• The modular system allows business owners to get exactly the functionality they need at the moment.

Solutions based on LSAvto
IT infrastructure
Own development staff
• Key employees of our company have 20+ years of experience in the automotive business.

• The company's specialists provide technical support via Telegram, e-mail, phone and Helpdesk portal.

• For users of the system, there is a WEB-portal with extended documentation and a personal account.

• Installing system updates.

• The cost of the system (versions DMS and PRO) includes full training of the customer key users.

• You will be able to control personnel and clients from every part of the world.
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It has gone from automation of the first official Mercedes-Benz dealer
in Russia (LogoVAZ-Belyaevo) to complex automation of large modern dealerships. Today we work with large international dealers (including chains and holdings) and with distributors
Logic Stars Group Team
we create, support and improve the LSAvto software product in a favorable and creative atmosphere since 2003
2023 - AVTOTOR
Our partner was one of the leading Russian car manufacturers AVTOTOR.
He started assembling and distributing automotive brands such as Kaiyi and BAIC.
Group of companies "Avanta" : more than 10 brands, many car showrooms in Moscow and Moscow region, new tasks for managing holding companies, building consolidated reporting ...
2005 – the first
multi-brand holding
April 1, 2003 – creation of the company
The first office was a rented one-room apartment, where the software product was born, which later became one of the main activities of the company - the LSAvto system ...
Unofficial Mercedes-Benz service.
And today it is our client who reminds us of our very first steps ...
December 2003 – the first sale of the system
2006 – the first Distributor in Russia
Chery Automobiles RUS is the first distributor whose operational accounting was automated using a system that later turned into a separate solution for Distributors - LSAvto Pro ...
2008 – the first client
in Armenia
Mercedes-Benz distributor in Armenia: company Avangard Motors (Yerevan)
2012 – Cooperation Agreement with Mercedes-Benz Trucks Vostok
Cooperation Agreement with Mercedes-Benz Trucks Vostok – a new stage in working with truck dealers ...
2013 – the first client in Georgia
Mercedes-Benz distributor in Georgia: AKA Ltd (Tbilisi)
2016 – Global technical update
Complete refactoring of the program code, launch of a new version of LSAvto based on the most modern Microsoft development tools
2018 – Mercedes-Benz Rus Dealer Conference
Participation in the annual dealer conference on after-sales service Mercedes-Benz RUS ...
2019 – cooperation with JAC Motors
A long-term cooperation agreement was signed with JAC Car, the official distributor of JAC Motors cars in Russia. LSAvto PRO system was selected
2020 – cooperation with Chevrolet
A long-term cooperation agreement was signed with Keles RUS, the official distributor of Chevrolet cars in Russia. LSAvto Pro system was selected
2021 – the first Premium Distributor
LSAvto PRO has been chosen as the central system for automating the activities of the EXEED brand. A long-term concept of building an EXEED brand ecosystem has been formed
2022 - Distributor OMODA
The OMODA brand has joined. The company is expanding its boundaries – the LSAvto PRO program has become available to distributors in China and India.
There have been important updates to the program...
We believe that new technologies help to make life easier in the best sense
of these words, and also indirectly affect the benefit of all mankind. How? Thanks to Logic Stars, significant projects have appeared for people of different generations: the nursery garden "7 Gnomes", where there is everything
for a happy childhood, and "The Tales by the Fireplace" - an educational project for preschoolers and students, which through workshops and lessons introduces with the theme of old age and teaches to understand grandparents.
Our mission
Our goal
To develop our LSAvto product so that people can trust in innovation and use the limitless potential of technological progress. We do everything in the interests of the client, so that he does everything in the interests of his customer.
Our team
Natalia Peryazeva
General Director
Dmitry Khlystov
Technical Director
Olga Vorontsova
Head of Development Department
Head of Implementation and Technical Support Department
Sergey Filatov
Kristina Potapova
Head of Human Resources Department
Evgenia Rovkova
Chief Accountant
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