LSAvto PRO: software for distributors
of auto brands and special equipment
Software for organizing the work of the dealer networkin compliance with standards
Service quality control
Personal account with different levels of access
Automation of business processes of working with dealers: logistics, sales, pricing, accounting, CRM, statistics, etc.
Stimulation of sales growth
LSAvto PRO consolidates all services
and tools in one place
Car Sales
Spare Parts Sales
After-Sales Service
Quality Control
  • Sales planning
  • Order management
  • Control of financial transactions
  • Support for motivational programs
  • Managing the sales process
  • Document flow automation
  • Integration with manufacturer's systems

  • Handling claims for repair costs compensation
  • Formation of a car service history
  • Electronic service book
  • Personal account of the car owner
  • Monitoring the implementation of mandatory service activities
  • Maintenance schedule control


  • Car shipment planning
  • Choosing the best cargo carrier
  • Financial control of the admissibility of shipments
  • Automatic generation of notifications
  • Cargo carrier's personal account
  • Transportation cost accounting
  • Transparency for the dealer


  • Sales planning
  • Warehouse accounting
  • Order and sales management
  • Work with complaints
  • Integration with electronic document management
  • Multi-factor analysis

  • Support for various types of events
  • Coordination of budgets with dealers
  • Separate confirmation of planned/actual activities
  • Exchange of layouts, documents, correspondence within the framework of the event
  • The distributor's share in financing the dealer's programs
  • Consolidated analytical reporting
  • Formation of marketing plans
organize your work and control projects and tasks - from sales to analytics
Quality control
Сorrespondence with the distributor within the framework of the request
Automatic registration of requests according to the Call-center
Timing of processing requests control
Possibility to attach any number
of documents to the request
Notification mechanism for pending customer requests
Accounting for calls to the hotline
Timing of processing requests control
Appointment of a person responsible for contact
    For business owners: fulfillment of sales plans, motivation and other opportunities
    For employees: automation of mailing lists, reminders
    and more

    Data collection terminals
    Fiscal registrators
    User Authentication Devices
    IP АТС
    Devices for dispensing liquids
    Systems for the selection of works and parts of automakers
    SMS gateways
    Service Advisor Mobility
    Physical Access Control System
    Plugin mechanism
    with the systems required for work
    *Russian system for electronic relevant in law documents interchange between companies
    LSAvto PRO is a modular system
    Choose the functionality that you need at the moment

    • Automobiles
    • Marketing
    • Accounting
    • Spare parts
    • Dealer network development
    • Financial planning and controlling
    • After-sales service
    • Logistics
    • Service functions

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    User training
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    Setting up directories
    Administrator training
    Data transfer
    Installing the client application
    Server side installation
    Server tuning
    Signing contracts
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    in 9 weeks
    Technical support service
    Consultations on the use of the system

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    Regular system updates
    Installing system updates

    Ability to influence the development
    of system functionality

    Community of system users
    Own system of requests for corrections and improvements

    Proactive interaction – we will remind you about your requests